Thursday, January 8, 2015

Combat Patrol League Rules

Last week we had a list try-out day for the Combat Patrol League. Scored games begin this Monday, the 12th.

Download the PDF or see the rules below...

What is Combat Patrol?

Combat Patrol is a condensed version of the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop miniature game. Each player is allowed no more than 400 points of a single detachment, found in the Codex of your choice. No additional rules are required to play, only the essentials of 7th edition with modifications described on the next page.

I’m new, can I play?

Absolutely! This league is designed for easy and quick games that anyone is welcome to join.

When does it start / end?

Monday, January 5th 2015 is the beginning date. The ending is TBD. All that is needed is a printed / legibly hand-written copy of your army list.

When do we play?

Every Monday our group meets. Games can be played before or after any normal sized games players are looking to attend. This is designed to maximize gaming, as many players want to play more 40k in a night but only have time for one large scale game! One Combat Patrol game per week is desired, three a week is the top limit!

Do I have to pay my hard earned money?

No, totally free! The store will be providing prizes at their own discretion.

What rules are different?

  • Modified FOC: 0-1 HQ; 1-3 Troop; 0-1 Elite; 0-1 Fast Attack; 0-1 Heavy Support. No formations. One swing slot.
  • 4’x4’ map with medium amounts of terrain. 
  • No Special/Unique/Named Characters, Fortifications, or Monstrous Creatures.
  • No Maelific Daemonology – except Primaris.
  • 2 Wound limitation on any model unless it is a Troop or Swarm.
  • No cumulative armor 34 or higher [(front+side+back) includes N:QS!] unless Dedicated Transport (then 36), Forgeworld/Imperial Armor allowed.
  • Reserves (and fliers) are allowed, but their entry into the game is delayed one turn after the successful roll to enter play.
  • Each Psyker / Brotherhood of Psykers are limited to one successful manifest per turn. 
  • No purchased 2+/3++ saves [you may achieve this in game via spells, etc.]

How long is a game?

~45 minutes.

What are the objectives?

Randomly generated Maelstrom and/or Eternal War missions, with half normal objectives, chosen at TO discretion!

Am I limited to one army and do I need to play it – unchanged – forever and ever?

No! This league will allow each player to have two armies entered – either of the same codices or not. Your score for the league will be averaged between them. A list may be altered slightly within its codex with tournament organizer discretion or if your list is in the bottom 25% of the league ranking. All changes must be reported in list form to the TO!

What do I need to do to win prizes?

Be near the top with your aggregate score, and have a fully painted 400 point army. The description of what is or is not fully painted is up to you, but you should remember, this rule is for the players benefit and motivation not a penalty!

How do I know my opponent is?

This is the awesome part of the league! You as a player are welcomed (and encouraged!) to challenge any other player whom is above your ranking. No games are predetermined, no games are you required to show up any amount. If both players are present and the lower ranked player challenges, the other must defend their position! The other player will have one week to comply else they will have been counted as losing the match! There is no other way to play a League game unless a lower ranked player challenges a higher ranked player of their choosing.

How are ranks determined?

On January the 5th, all present players will play 3 short rounds to establish a beginning rank. Thereafter, the previously described system will take over with new players being added to the bottom. Each defeat lowers a player one rank, each victory improves the player one rank, and any victory against a top tier player (10% of the top) results in two rank movements. Each movement summation will be applied on the same day of the week and in chronological order of when the games were played.
However, none of this is required to be truly known to the player, as long as you report your games to the Tournament Organizer, you’ll be fine!

If there is no reward, why play this version of 40k?

More Warhammer in a single night! Also, many of us are preparing for Adepticon 2015 Combat Patrol. It will also motivate you for a reasonable amount of painting! Lastly, I personally find smaller games very informative to general strategy which will help you in larger games.

Am I going to have fun?

Yes! Although it’s worth remembering that fun usually results in friendship. And friendship is magic! And magic is heresy. So, there’s that.

Who do I talk to?!

Curtis Bargender-

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