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Albany Exterminatus 2015

Flipside Games East Greenbush Team Tournament
June 6 2015
Fee: $15

Pink = changes 5/30/2015
Orange = changes 5/12/2015
Green = changes 4/22/15
Blue = changes 4/21/15
Red = changes 4/17/15
Strikethru = rule removed

In light of our recent tournament formats which feature win/loss-based scoring and intense, 4-game formats, we felt it was necessary to take a more casual and narrative approach to the Team Tournament.  We hope that our community will still support the Team Tournament and understand that other, less competitive players, are happy to join in the fun of competitive events and, as such, it is hoped that competitive players will embrace the more loose game play involved in this year’s Team event.


9:15am-12:15pmGame 1
1:00pm-4:00pmGame 2
4:15pm-7:15pmGame 3
7:15pm-8:15pmPrizes and clean-up

Tournament Factions

The tournament will be split into three factions: Imperium, Chaos, and Xenos.  On the day of the event, the Organizer may move players to a different faction in order to even out these factions.  


  • Team pairings will be made before the tournament begins.
  • If you wish to have a set partner, that is acceptable. 
  • All teammates will be considered Allies of Convenience for this tournament.  
  • Teams roll a single die for Warp Charges and share those dice, but may only access their own pool for manifesting Psychic Powers.


  • Each player will bring a 1000-point list consisting of any ONE Detachment in the game.  Remember that Formations are Detachments.  
  • Composite Detachments such as the Decurion are allowed, but the SUM of this Detachment must fit in a Combined Arms Detachment organization (though it does not receive the benefits thereof).
  • Single-model or single-unit Dataslates which are not a Detachment may also be added to your army with whatever rules exist for such an addition.  An example of this is Be’lakor.
  • Every player must bring a different collection of miniatures. Two players may not play models from the same collection. This is to avoid two people just bringing one person’s list; the idea is for everyone to bring their army and team up with someone! Note that this doesn't mean you both can't play the same faction, just not the same collection of models. There is a wide gray area here... please try to stay in the spirit of the event.
  • All models must be painted to a three color minimum. Most players should be able to paint 1000 points of models by the day of the tournament.
  • Players select a single Warlord for all of their games. If you use the generic Warlord Traits from the Core Rulebook, then they will apply universally. If you use a Warlord Trait specific to your Codex, it will only affect units in your Detachment. The player with the Warlord in their list sets that team's Faction for tournament purposes.

Unit Restrictions:

  • The most recent version of a unit must be used regardless of Battlefield Role.
  • All units must be WYSIWYG - What You See is What You Get.  Flamers are not Meltaguns.
  • Forge World is allowed, but early list submission is required. Any list which is built to game the system will result in prize revocation, so early submission with an explanation of your gimmick (if any) is a must.
  • Horus Heresy armies are not allowed.
  • Severin Loth (or however you spell his name) is busy on the other side of the Galaxy and cannot make it to this tournament. Please do not add him to your list.
  • Lords of War may not exceed 25% of the total points of both lists (500 points each).
  • You may only have ONE weapon in your list which fits the following profile:
    • An unenhanced shooting attack that fires a Hellstorm Template which can be projected beyond the hull/base of the model.
    • An unenhanced shooting attack that fires a Blast larger than a 3” which has an AP better than 4 that ignores cover.  Multiple Blasts count as being larger than a 3” Blast.
    • An unenhanced shooting attack that fires a Blast of any kind that is Strength D. Psychic powers and C’tan abilities are exempt from this restriction.
  • Units may not have an unenhanced shooting attack that fires multiple Strength D Blasts of any size or a Strength D Blast larger than 5". If a player wishes to bring their unit which has a weapon like this, they may do so, but the weapon is reduced to a single 5" Blast for the same points cost.


Each round of the tournament will be 3 hours long and feature one of the Goldensprue Cup Tournament Missions, determined randomly each round. Some of the missions have been specialized for cooperative play.

Hold Objectives and Tactical Objectives: When holding an Objective Marker, score double victory points if both players are in scoring position of the scored Objective. Note that only one enemy unit needs to be in position to contest an Objective from both of the opposing players.

Linebreaker: Instead of scoring 2 points for having a unit in Linebreaker position, score 1 point for each team-mate who has a model in Linebreaker position.

Slay the Warlord: Score 1 point for each enemy warlord slain.

Scoring and Prizes

Each player may only receive one prize.  Any “Best Faction” prizes which cannot be allocated to players because they won another prize will be allocated to the winner of “Cool Factor”.

  • Best Faction:  The players of the Faction which scored the most Battle Points throughout the tournament get their entry fee reimbursed.
  • Best Titan:  The player who brings the best titan in their list or for use as terrain wins this prize.
  • Best General:  The most undefeated team who scores the most Battle Points throughout the tournament  wins this prize.  The prize is about 1/8 entry fees.
  • Best Appearance:  The player with the best appearance score wins this prize. The prize is about 1/8 entry fees.
  • Best Sportsmanship:  The two players with the best sportsmanship score wins this prize.  The The prize is about 1/8 entry fees each.
  • Best Overall:  The team with the best combination of general, sports, and appearance scores wins this prize. The prize is about 1/4 entry fees and the Goldensprue Cup trophy!

We also may add some bonus prizes to keep things interesting if enough players show up to the event.

Aggressors: Team with the most Linebreaker points.
Kingslayers: Team with the most Warlords slain.
Tacticians: Team with the most Victory Points in Tactical Objectives

Best Titan

To keep in the spirit of the EXTERMINATUS, we are asking that players bring a TITAN to this event to be used as a terrain piece on our tables. An additional prize will be provided for the best Titan.

Early List Submission

Players will receive BONUS BATTLE POINTS for submitting their list by JUNE 1st. There is no requirement for submitting team-ups early. In fact, you're encouraged to come to the event blind and pair up with a random player when you arrive. Again, you are required to use Early List Submission if you're using Forge World.

FAQs and Houserules

GW FAQs and the Independent Tournament Circuit FAQ are both in effect.  The ITC nerfs to the 2+ re-rollable save and to Invisibility are also in effect.  It is imperative that you read the ITC FAQ before making your lists.

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