Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer 2015 Freedom League

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It's high time we had another weekly event at the club. Starting on Monday, July 27, we're going to start a Freedom League 'round these parts. What's a Freedom League? Well, it's the kind of shin-dig where you get to play whatever damn army you damn well please and you have a good ol' time doing it!

For the Freedom League, all army construction rules beyond the core rulebook are relaxed to nonexistence. All of the ITC rules nerfs are also suspended during the Freedom League. Why? Because 'Merica, that's why!

So, ARE there any rules? Sure, we want to make this a fun event, of course, and so we will be instituting some rules which will, hopefully, make these games more fun for everybody.


We will be playing 4 games per player over the next 6 weeks. We will also be using our usual Tournament missions. If you and your opponent both agree that you wish to play different missions, then you're free to do that. Because Freedom.

Army Lists

The default size for armies will be 1850 points so that folks can still prep for the upcoming Council of Five Nations tournaments. You can bring whatever size list you and your opponent agree to, however. Again: Freedom! There are no comp restrictions for this event. Play whatever you want within the rules of the game and the Codexes. You may bring a different list and a different set of armies each week if you want. There is a twist, however.

Sideboards: Players who bring a Battleforged army are welcome to, instead, bring a 1350-point list. After seeing their opponent's list, but before determining mission, they are welcome to add whatever they want to what we're calling a 500-point sideboard. Unlike sideboards in other games, this one need not be pre-determined. You may build it AFTER you see what your opponent is taking in their list. Note that you MAY bring several 500-pt sideboards to League Night if you wish to save time. Sideboards are revealed before either player Deploys.

Some People are More Free Than Others

If you have lost 1 more game than your opponent, you are allowed to add 50 points to your sideboard. If you have lost 2 more games than your opponent, you are allowed to add 100 points to your sideboard. Again, this only applies to player bringing Battleforged lists.

FAQs and Terrain

We will still use our Terrain rules and the ITC FAQ, but we will not use any nerfs or model restrictions. Note that Forge World "Experimental" rules are still not allowed. Please try to set up terrain to a density similar to the way we have in our events.

Tracking and Pairings

I (Adam) will keep track of points and pairings. Expect this to be very similar to what we do for tournaments.


$4 per game.

This ain't no TAX! It's a fee for Freedom and Freedom ain't free, kids!  The money will be placed in a usual account at Flipside Games.


Costs will support a 50/50 share between the prizes in the form of Store Credit and the club to go towards additional FaT Mats. The hope is to have enough at the end to buy two new FaT Mats for our club.

Best General, Best Appearance, and Best Sportsmanship prizes will be given for this League and may expand based on attendance. As usual, Best General combines wins a and Battle Points. Best Appearance will be a conglomeration of scores from throughout the League which is important if you'd like to bring more than one army. Best Sportsman will be recorded by polling players who finished all 4 of their games.

Thanks and have fun!


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  1. hey guys, I missed august 3rd due to family concerns, anyone up for a league game at flipside during this week?