Monday, February 8, 2016

Goldensprue Cup 2016 Results

Congratulations to this year's winners. We had a great turnout, filling the store to its gills.

Please forgive any math issues. Note that placing is first by win/loss, then by best general and that any bonus points were applied to Best General as usual.

Please also remember that non-subjective and perfect appearance scores are impossible for any human being. Also please note that we do not turn away anyone with unpainted models, but those armies with models which had no paint were scored for zero appearance for this "painted only" event.

Image album:

Battle TotalsSportsmanship
NameArmyBPSOSWinsBest GeneralPaintFavorite ArmyBest ArmyFavorite Unit1234+TotalOverallTotal ITC Points
Kenneth JohnsonTau88153.59817175510125110.9376
Francis PalasieskiOrks73263.5872222435510119100.5696
Bill BlomTau83233971212135351612590.2016
Curtis BargenderEldar/Dark Eldar/Corsairs7725383245291551011787.0912
Dan SwiftEldar/Dark Eldar75293831414551010777.76
Brandon BatchChaos Daemons614237511111335119776.7232
Josh Deckereldar56403701811915351310173.6128
Charissa SinclairNecrons63372770111558264.2816
Jared HarperAstra Militarum (renegades and heretics)/Chaos Space Marines (black legion)5627264441335117959.0976
Josh EadsEldar/Corsairs5041264151163588743.5456
Scott BaldwinBlood Angels/Dark Angels50522640055107441.472
Peter DupignyTyranids465426016117155108641.472
Jason BargenderGrey Knights/Space Marines47432551321523355168431.104
David G BrommerGrey Knights/Mechanicus/Imperial Knights305223816319153555237733.1776
Luna KittenAstra Militarum256623344554231.104
Curran JustesenBlood Angels297513799335115731.104
Andrew Vickeryastra militarum29641331414555222.8096
Connor SheehyNecrons25741299913584620.736
Nick ColbertKhorne Daemonkin2975129445535185120.736
Phil HausserDeath Corps of Krieg18501261313554420.736
Michael GarnerBlood Angels161112014141555154922.8096
Jason H MitchellSpace Marines/Imperial Knights1116015141455103920.736
John CipolloKhorne Daemonkin05001244552120.736

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