Friday, May 13, 2016

2016 Team Escalation League

In an effort to further grow our ranks, get some models painted, support the store, and play some fun games, we’ll be doing another summer league.

Please note that these rules are currently in their preliminary stage and open for discussion with both the community and Flipside.


Escalation: Lists will start off at 500 points and grow by 250 point increments throughout the league You must always use models from your previous list in the next one, though you are not required to use the same units. For example, a Space Marine with a flamer could be in a Tactical Squad at the 500pt level and then in an Assault Squad at the 750pt level. Creative use of magnets and turrets is also encouraged.

Composition: All lists must be battleforged. You are free to build whatever other kind of army you want in the confines of the rules and the social contract of fair play. The 500 and 750 point levels of the League will allow a player to use any detachment as their Primary Detachment even if the rules for that detachment say otherwise (such as an Allied Detachment). In these cases, however, that detachment must be your ONLY detachment.


Cost: Participation in the Escalation League will be $5 per game.

Teams: Games will be played in pairs. You may not have the same team-mate in back-to-back games. All team-mates will be considered Allies of Convenience for the League, though your individual lists might include different alliance levels internally. If there is an odd number of people, a single person may stand in as an opponent for a team.

Off-site Play: You may play some games off-site, but the goal is to get players into the store. Less than half of your games may be off-site.

Missions: I suggest Maelstrom of War missions, but you are free to play whatever you want. Consider using the following guidelines for your games:


  • Round 1: June 6 & June 13 500pts
  • Round 2: June 20 & June 27 750pts
  • Round 3: July 11 & July 18 1000pts
  • Round 4: July 25 & August 1 1250pts


Players will compete for chances in a drawing for gift cards. These chances will be counted with stickers on a poster board. For each sticker you collect, you get a chance at winning. The cost for the gift cards will be drawn from weekly dues. Stickers will be kept by Flipside in a safe place and dues will be tallied in the PoS system and tracked independently.

You can get a sticker for the following:
  • Playing a game (2 per Round)
  • Painting a unit in your army (2 per Round)
  • Purchasing a 40k kit over $20 from Flipside Gaming (1 per Round)
  • Give-Away Tickets (2 per Round)
Give-Away Tickets: When you play your first 2 games of a Round, you will get one sticker which you may not keep. Instead, you will give the sticker to any other player who is playing that day. You can give this sticker to them for any reason (awesome army, they won their game against you, they got you a soda... I don't care).

Prizes will be in $50 increments with a “booby prize” for the remainder.

You may only win one prize.

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