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2016 Flipside Gaming 40k Friendly Event

August 27, 2016
Flipside Gaming East Greenbush
598 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush, NY 12061 (518) 479-4746

Fee: $5 per game. There will be three games, but you are not required to play all three.

Although this tournament is capping off our summer league, all are invited to play. First round pairings will be narrative, second round pairings will be challenges, and third round pairings will be random.

PRE-REGISTER to be guranteed a spot:

If you get lost, feel free to call and ask for directions: 892-0023
Contact the 40k Tournament Organizer with questions and lists: 
Adam Fasoldt - adam.fasoldt@gmail.com

Prize Support: 

The entirety of the entry fees go to in-store prize support.Playing games gives you chances in the prize drawing. In addition, there will be a 50/50 raffle during the event going to the terrain fund.


This is a very relaxed schedule. If we have people finishing early, we will go ahead and start the next round early.

9:00am-12:00pmGame 1
12:00pm-1:00pmLunch - Bring some cash and we'll order a pizza.
1:00pm-4:00pmGame 2
4:15pm-7:15pmGame 3
7:15pm-8:30pmPrizes and Clean-up

Lists and Units
  • 2000 points 
  • Otherwise, lists must be Battleforged and have no other restrictions.
  • Only source material released before August 20, 2016 will be allowed
  • The most recent version of a unit must be used regardless of Battlefield Role. 
  • Forge World and Horus Heresy are allowed.
  • Players of the Summer League are encouraged to use those models for this event. If you use the same models from the League, then the games in this event will count as League games!

  • All models should be a 3-color minimum and minimum based for this tournament.Please see the painting and sportsmanship scoring sections for details.
  • All units must be WYSIWYG - What You See is What You Get. Flamers are not Meltaguns.
  • Any counts-as units must present a good effort to reduce confusion for your opponents. Counts-as must be provided to the Tournament Organizer (adam.fasoldt@gmail.com) before the event if you want to avoid your model not being allowed on game day. This is especially true for Forge World or Horus Heresy models. Make sure they are the legitimate models or the alternative models are very convincing. If we begin to see nothing but poorly built armies simply to take advantage of good rules, restrictions against these units will likely creep back into our events. Insistence upon using bad reproductions will reduce your Sportsmanship score to zero.
  • Kitbashes must provide your opponent all the benefits and yourself all the negatives of any difference in size you may have modeled.
  • Don't be a jerk. If you follow this simple rule, you won't go wrong. We are subjective about our modeling policies, and are happy to work with anyone, but if you try to follow them to the letter and squeak out some kind of advantage, you will be disqualified from the event.


We will be using the standard Maelstrom missions for this event with alternative secondary missions. These alternative secondary missions will be posted soon.

What to Bring
  • Your Army 
  • Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids, etc. 
  • 6 Objective Markers about 40mm in size. 
  • 6 Typed Copies of your army list. Be sure to notate who your Warlord is on your army list. (2 Battle Points)
  • All pertinent rules for your army. Codices, White Dwarf Articles, Foregworld Rules, etc. 
  • If you are using a counts as army, bring a "cheat sheet" for your opponents.
  • A copy of the scoring packet.

Rules Judgments 

Rules issues will be dealt with swiftly by a roaming judge. We use a hierarchy for determining rules issues as follows:
  1. Main Rule Book 
  2. Official finalized Games Workshop FAQs and Erratas 
  3. ITC FAQ
  4. Tournament-specific Houserules
  5. Judgements at the Table

Tournament-Specific Houserules
  • Fast Dice: If your opponent requests that you use Fast Dice for your rolls when you can, you must do so unless you use a dice tower. The only reason to roll one die at a time for saves which could use Fast Dice would be for either superstitious or cheating reasons. The odds are otherwise the same. 
  • Death From the Skies: Players who purchased the Death From the Skies book are welcome to use the Units, Formations, Wing Commanders, and Attack Patterns from this book. All other rules are banned as per the ITC FAQ. Any rules within the Units, Formations, Wing Commanders, and Attack Patterns which refer to other banned rules (such as Air Superiority and Dogfighting) are ignored for the purposes of this event.
  • Shifting Worldscape: This power is allowed to be used at this event. However, when moving a piece of terrain, it must move in a straight line, it may not pass over other models or terrain, and it may not pivot to a different angle before arriving at its final destination.


Terrain will be static and placed by the judges. If both players agree, however, some terrain may be moved. 
  • Hills: All rolling hills are open terrain, granting 5+ cover via LOS blocking/interference as normal but do not count as difficult terrain. 
  • Rock Towers, Crates, and Can Towers: Are impassible and block LOS completely (even if there are actual gaps in the terrain pieces).In order to facilitate easy use of Woods terrain and reduce Line-of-Sight arguments. 
  • Woods are treated differently from other terrain rather than just being simple difficult terrain. If any model is in woods or up to 25% of your model is behind the woods base, including vehicles, they enjoy a 5+ cover save even if the model is not obscured. The height of all woods is assumed to be as tall as the tallest tree on the base, so if a flyer stands over the tree-line, it will not enjoy the cover save. Similarly, if you are in woods and trace line of sight through any part of the woods you are in, your target also enjoys a 5+ cover save. 
  • Note that the bases of terrain count as part of the terrain piece and therefore, non-vehicle units enjoy cover saves for being on them. 
  • Terrain Data Slates (such as the Twisted Copse) will not be used. 
  • Fortifications are placed before your other models during deployment. You must remove one piece of terrain that is at least partially within your deployment zone before you place your Fortification. The exceptions to this are the Aegis Defense Line and Promethium Relay Pipes which are allowed to snake through other terrain as needed, even up hills. 

Scoring and Prizes 

These are arranged from largest prize to smallest prize. You must play all 3 games to be eligible for the first three prizes.
  • Best Overall: The player's combined Sportsmanship and Appearance scores.
  • Best Appearance: The player with the best appearance score wins this prize.
  • Best Sportsmanship: The player with the best sportsmanship score wins this prize.
  • Random Drawings: Additional random drawings will be added based on turnout.

Appearance Scoring 
3-Color Minimum: This includes 2 major colors and a minor color. The primer doesn't count as a color. If you were to spray a space marine brown, paint the guns silver, wash the model with black, and glue sand to the base, this would be considered 3-color minimum acceptable.

Tabletop Standard: This would include all details color-blocked before washing, and a single highlight on top of the other requirements for a 3-color minimum.

Judges are encouraged to score between the numbers presented for the General appearance score based on any partial accomplishment towards a particular goal. For example, if a large number or a vast majority of models are painted beyond a tabletop standard, but some are not, then they may wish to score 9 or 10 points. What constitutes "a vast majority", "a large number", or "a handful" of models is up to the Judge's discretion. Also note that the examples given next to a points score is just that... an example. Other factors can be involved in a points score. Suffice to say, Appearance Scoring is extremely subjective.

The player with the best appearance score will win Best Appearance with tiebreakers being decided by the players voting for favorite army.
  • General Score (up to 11pts):
    • -10pts  Some models are not painted to a 3-color minimum
    • 6pts The entire army is painted to a 3-color minimum
    • 8pts The entire army is painted to a tabletop standard
    • 11pts The Entire army is painted beyond tabletop standard
  • Basing Score: (up to 4pts):
    • +1pt Minimal basing (1 texture/color) on the entire army
    • +3pts At least 2 textures and/or colors are used to base the entire army
    • +4pts Many textures and/or colors are used to base the entire army
  • Modeling score (up to 4pts - note breakdown adds up to 6, but max is 4):
    • Conversions
      • +1pt Minor conversion work has been done to a handful of models
      • +2pts Minor conversion work on a large number of models or a small amount of major conversions. Conversions must be well-executed to score more than 1 point.
      • +3pts The army has many major conversions
    • Display Board
      • +1pt Simple display board with surface matching models' bases
      • +2pts Advanced display board with surface matching models' bases and matching terrain. Note that the execution of the display board must be of an Advanced quality to score more than 1 point, even if you do add terrain and effects.
      • +3pts Extreme display board with surface matching models' bases, matching terrain, and matching environmental effects (lights, smoke, etc).
  • Miscellaneous (up to 6pts - note breakdown adds up to 11, but max is 6):
    • +1pt Army uniformity 
    • +1pt Basing uniformity
    • +1pt Extreme bases
    • +1-2pts Extreme conversion work
    • +1-3pts Freehand
    • +0-3pts Judge's discretion. This is mainly to differentiate execution between players with nearly maximum points, but could also be used to award good faith on the part of players who are trying very hard to paint their army. Judges are also encouraged to take into account difficulty level and model count, to some extent, for the awarding of Judge's Discretion points, though the award is entirely up to them and players are asked not to grill the Judge on their final decision. If the Judge feels threatened or put off by questions by the players, the Judge is encouraged to alert the Tournament Organizer so that penalties may be incurred on the player's sportsmanship score. Asking for advice on how to improve one's painting, however, is highly encouraged.
Maximum Appearance score for the tournament: 25pts

Sportsmanship Scoring

At the end of the tournament, each player will offer a vote for Favorite Opponent and a Second-Favorite Opponent. Each Favorite Opponent vote is worth 5 points and each Second Favorite Opponent vote is worth 3 points. Each player also receives 5 points if no complaints are lodged against them throughout the tournament. Players who do not bring a 3-color minimum painted and minimum based army will not receive the bonus 5 points for sportsmanship.

Maximum Sportsmanship score for the tournament: 25pts

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