Monday, April 9, 2018

Warhammer 40k Friendly: The Forges of Ghorok Part II

The Warhammer 40k club at Flipside Gaming East Greenbush will be hosting our second Friendly tournament to encourage new players, and permit our returning players to try something a little more fun in their armies. We will be using 3 random scenarios from the ITC Mission Packet.

Armies must 75 Power Level or under using standard ITC Guidelines. Note that this event has no painting requirement, but models must be WYSIWYG or suitably converted.

Doors open at 8:30, with games starting at 9:30. We will be playing 3 rounds, with each round being two and a half hours.

Best Overall(Battle, Painting, Sportsmanship)
Best Sportsman(Based on other player votes)
Best in Show(We are going to be doing paint judging a bit differently this time. Every player will nominate one model or unit they brought as their display piece, and each player will be voting on their favorite from the selection.)

Note that John Batch will still be on hand to offer full army critiques and paint judging for anybody who wishes, it just won't factor into the Best in Show award.

Tickets for this event will be 10$ per person, with entry fees going to prize support. There will be a 20 person cap on the tournament. 

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